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The history of 'Swengi' begins in 1962 when a restaurant named 'Budapest' was founded. The name was changed to 'Viva' in 2000, and later on in 2002 the name 'Swengi' first appeared. Today the 'Karaoke Nightclub Swengi' is in a class of its own, combining karaoke and the classic nightclub life in one state-of-the-art establishment located in the very heart of Helsinki.

The restaurantís sound system is excellent and the acoustics surrounding the stage as well as the dance floor guarantee a first-rate karaoke and/or nightclub experience. Amongst our selection of karaoke music we have a wide variety of Finnish, English, Swedish and also French songs, which our customers can choose from. The selection is being updated on a regular basis, always taking our customersí wishes into consideration while making the newest hits available for everyone.

Our experienced karaoke-hosts and hostesses, adept djís and professional bartenders are here to ensure you a good time all around. An enjoyable evening that is definitely worth your while.

'Karaoke Nightclub Swengi' opens its doors from Wednesday through Saturday, 7 pm - 4 am, to all the music loving, dance crazy, karaoke fanatics, regardless of age or gender. Anyone is welcome and guaranteed to have a great time.

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Karaoke Nightclub Swengi
Iso Roobertinkatu 10
00120 Helsinki
09-6228 0180

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